1. Demos must be functional demos: no slideshows/pure design mockups.

2. Fresh code only. APIs and libraries are fine…but not if you wrote them. Winners may have code reviewed; Facebook engineers are pretty sharp! Every single participant must be registered on Devpost (http://hckrn.st/dhto2015) because that’s what we’re using for submissions/judging. You may pre-build hardware (fair, since mobile/web apps are developed for already-built hardware). Bring whatever tools/resources you need; we provide none.

3. Teams can have up to 5 members.

4. Have excellent personal hygiene.

5. Be pleasant. <3  



We reserve the right to eject anyone for violation of any of the rules above, especially #5. Just be sunshine and rainbows. Easy!  

Note: There will be media/press at the events, so if you're not comfortable being on camera and having your likeness show up in DementiaHack/HackerNest videos, wear a large hat. ^_^

Secondary note: Neither DementiaHack nor HackerNest will be responsible for or involved in any dispute resolution exercises (ownership, shareholders agreements, IP, etc.) for teams. We suggest you sort these matters out before the hackathon.