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The mentors are getting excited for this weekend :)

Hey everyone,

I'm one of the mentors for the upcoming competition and just letting you know how excited we are for all the competitors gearing up for the weekend. I've been in touch with a few fellow mentors and the consensus is that we are all looking forward to cheering and supporting all the teams involved.

With a few days left, we know many of the teams have already reached out for feedback and suggestions to your projects over the past weeks. Hopefully most of the planning will be done by Saturday morning so that a large focus of the weekend will be on executing your vision.

As a caregiver to my dad with dementia for many years now, all the wonderful work by the teams building up to and during this weekend will be making a difference to my family's life and many other family's out there... so for this we thank you.

I know the mentors are all ready for last minute discussions if need be. Get in touch with us for any extra suggestions or ideas so that you can make the best product or service available for the Dementia Community.

Wishing all the teams the best of luck and good endurance for the weekend to produce wonderful workable solutions by Sunday afternoon!!!

Ron B


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