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DH Info Email Oct 21, 2015

Dear DementiaHackers,

Warning: big email ahead full of crucial information, but first, let’s thank our epic sponsors for enabling this great mission!


Platinum Challenge Set Champions
Airbnb & AIMIA

Gold Industry Champions
Telus, Gluskin Sheff, Scout Logistics, Goodmans, Effort Trust, Canadian Centre for Aging & Brain Health Innovation, RBC, Sid Lee, Ontario Brain Institute, & Association of Directors of Adult Social Services

Media Partners
National Post & St Joseph Communications


Awesome. 17 days until November 7th - exciting times! Ok. Here’s everything you need to know:

1. Hackathon Platform

We’re using Devpost for hackathon submissions, team matching, and management. In addition to signing up for the hackathon on (you already did this, that’s why you’re getting this email), every single participant must register at because it’s how we're handling judging/prizing.

2. Teams

If you still need a team[mate], you can find one at and also the HackerNest Toronto Tech Social on Oct 26. If you don’t have a team on the day of the hackathon, don’t worry - we’ll do our best to match you up, but it'll be a bit hacky.

Here’s the breakdown of Challenge Set teams as of Oct 21, 2015:

Undecided (get crackin’, folks!): 34%
Individual Living With Dementia: 30%
Family Caregiver: 13%
Institutional Caregiver/Clinician: 13%
Scientist/Researcher (Big Data): 10%

Remember: only 2 teams from each challenge set will move on to the finals. Now you know your competition. Plan accordingly.

Suggestion: Be creative and use your thoughts to destroy the box! Focus on how your product will help the end user beneficiary. Here are last year’s projects (don’t repeat unless you’re sure yours will be better!):DementiaHack 2014 Demos

If you have any changes to your team structure/name/project etc, please make Amy’s life easier by replying to the email thread that you already have with her OR emailing her at amy@hackernest.comwith this info:

Team name (if you have decided on one/changed your previous one, please let us know)
Team member names and emails
Product idea
The PRIMARY Challenge Set you’re competing in
Mentor requests (these are all on the Eventbrite form)

3. Prizes

Massively updated here. We promise you. This is totally worth a weekend. Or several weekends. In fact, a whole decade of weekends. Check it out.

4. Volunteers

Have friends interested in volunteering? Let’s get them signed up! Doodle link here. ** IMPORTANT ** they must include email addresses with their names when filling in the form, i.e.: "John Smith"

5. Science fair demos and judging

At 4pm on Sunday, November 8th, the hackathon ends. You have half an hour to rehearse your 3-minute demos. You’ll demo your warez (at least twice) for groups of roving mentor-judges at the same table you worked at all weekend. You’re encouraged to wander around and watch other teams pitch, this is at least 28.4% of the fun (and a big reason why we’re running demos this way).

Note: Finals begin at 7:30pm on Monday, November 9th, but finalists must be at GBC ~4:30pm for tech/demo setup.

6. Practice, plan, prepare, predict, ponder.

Map out your projects and all their components ridiculously well. At the hackathon, you need to be crossing things off a thoroughly-defined checklist, not ‘figuring stuff out’. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Research APIs and libraries and frameworks and datasets you’re thinking of using. Get feedback from our mentors so you know exactly what you need to explain in your demos. Become familiar with the Devpost platform and how you’ll submit your projects. Be flawless. We believe in you.

That’s all for now.

Y’all are fantastic. We’re so proud of you. Thank you for working on something that really matters.

Your pals,

Team DementiaHackerNest


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